Advanced Diploma in Culinary Management


(N/811/4/0040) (MQA/FA 0664)


The program seeks to prepare students for working in first level management positions in the food service industry. An Advanced Diploma program introduce students to the world of food production covering in both culinary and management skills areas. As you sharpen your cooking skills and gain a solid foundation in the culinary arts, you could also move on to develop managerial and leadership skills.


The program begins with basic culinary skills and progresses to other food techniques. Students also receive training in management, marketing, accounting and financial management, technology, legal issues, and other business areas to prepare them to pursue a possible career in the food service industry. After successfully completing the modules, students must complete their industrial attachment where they shall put the gained knowledge into practice.


You will be taught by our experienced lecturers through a variety of methods, including lectures, tutorials, teamwork, collective research and presentations. Students are assessed by a combination of written examinations and coursework.


ATI Advanced Diploma graduates may complete their BA (Hons) in Culinary Management Degree through one year of full-time study at any foreign university.