Advanced Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management


(N/811/4/0039) (MQA/FA 0663)

This programme satisfies the growing demand for a course offering an in-depth study and a high degree of specialization in the hospitality and tourism industries. It is a highly professional qualification which aims to train and prepare students with a blend of educational knowledge and practical skills.


Students in the Advanced Diploma level will be exposed to higher-level skill trainings in managing hospitality and tourism organizations. This programme focuses on providing students with a more holistic view on the operation management of the industry with the necessary skills to tackle the issues students are likely to encounter. After the successful completion of the academic and training modules, students will be placed into industrial attachments where they shall put the gained knowledge into practice.


You will be taught by our experienced lecturers through a variety of methods, including lectures, tutorials, teamwork, collective research and presentations. Students are assessed by a combination of written examinations and coursework.


ATI Advanced Diploma graduates may complete their BA (Hons) in Hospitality/Tourism Degree through one year of full-time study at any foreign university.


The Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).