ATI College was founded in 1996 and established as the only college specializing in Hospitality and Tourism studies in Sabah. We are one of the leading centers for teaching in hospitality and tourism and are one of the most dynamic institutions of higher education in East Malaysia. Our doors are open to students of various nationalities who seek to enter a college.

With its motto STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE┬Ł, the college strives to be excellent in every aspect concerned. Students are attracted to the college for its comprehensive and high quality programmes, which allow a flexible approach to studying for Certificate, Diploma or Higher National Diploma (HND). We offer qualifications in four main areas; business, hospitality, tourism and culinary with their focus on contemporary issues and needs, the college is able to offer sound career prospects to aspiring graduates.

Graduates will be joining a learning community, buzzing with energy and opportunity. There is a continuous process of expansion and development. The college's flagship development of the new premises has broadened the opportunity for potential students wishing to join us.

We have moved to a new campus which is the home for both local and international students who aspire to further their higher education in the hospitality and tourism industry. The new premises has an extension of facilities in all aspects, from practical training facilities, computer laboratories, a well stocked library, lecture halls and rooms among others. ATI response to change, however goes far beyond the provision of new and better facilities.

Ever-increasing national and international contacts with businesses and industries ensure that our programmes stay parallel with the real world. Our newly designed programmes open its doors to all those with the ability, the experiences, and the desire to take advantage of the many benefits that a college education can offer.

All these development are focused on a single objective to create a higher education institution with a standard of excellence that meets every challenge for the educational needs in the 21st century.