Teaching & Learning Facilities

ATI College is continuously striving to equip its students with the most current and up-to-date facilities. This is to ensure that students will be comfortable and at the same time excel in their studies.

We have 4 intakes per year : January, April/May, July/August & October

ATI College provides well equipped kitchens for culinary and pastry skills training. In addition to that, ATI College also has its own fully equipped restaurant for the usage of Food and Beverage practical classes. Other facilities that are available include the mock-up front office counter and mock-up bedroom for housekeeping practical classes. In addition to that, all lecture rooms are fully air-conditioned for the comfort of the students while having their class sessions. Audiovisual equipment are also provided in the lecture rooms to further enhance the learning experience of the students at ATI College.

Our lecture rooms provide the ideal environment for the learning experience. All lecture rooms are air conditioned, well lit, comfortable and equipped with in house audio visual technology that facilitates effective teaching and learning.

ATI College also offers a fully equipped Food and Beverage Training Restaurant that can accommodate up to 40 people for sit-in lunches or dinners. Students undergoing their practical training will be exposed to an actual dining environment to prepare them for the real challenges in the food and beverage industry.

ATI College also offers an actual guest room to train students from the Diploma in Hotel Management in the skills of cleaning a room. This fully equipped guest room creates an actual environment for students to experience performing the tasks involved in the Housekeeping Department.

Our mock-up counter provides an ideal environment for the learning experience. This fully- equipped reception counter creates an actual environment for students to experience performing the tasks involved in the Front Office Department.

ATI College has one of the largest training kitchen facilities in Sabah offering culinary and pastry students an actual kitchen environment. There are four Culinary Kitchens, one Pastry Kitchen, and one Chocolate and Confectionery training room. All kitchens are fully equipped with kitchen utensils and equipment to ensure that students graduating from ATI College are well trained to face the real challenges when they enter the industry.

ATI College provides a good ratio of IT workstations for its students. The computer lab at ATI College is equipped with the latest information technology specifications to enable students to conduct their research and complete their assignment with ease.

The Student Common Room is provided for students to have a comfortable and safe area to rest and catch up with friends or meet students from different programs within the college environment.

In enhancing the quality of education, the ATI College Library offers ample study areas and a well stocked reference section. The library offers students the opportunity to continue to broaden their knowledge outside the lecture rooms by providing them with the latest publications and ample selection of journals, magazines and periodicals.