KPT/JPS(R/344/4/0433)(MQA/FAO334) 05/21

The Diploma of Accountancy program has become a popular entry-level accounting qualification as it equips student with a strong foundation into the accounting field. The program gives a sound knowledge of the principles and core concepts of accounting, along with an analysis of various corporate financial statements.

Our curriculum covers a broad and inter-disciplinary aspect of accounting, business, information systems, audit and finance. It balances conceptual knowledge with applied curriculum. Our program enables students to develop their business skills through knowledge of preparing, implementing and controlling financial budgets, forecasts, reports and procedures and also to exercise critical awareness of issues in accounting.

You will be taught by our experienced lecturers through a variety of methods, including lectures, tutorials, teamwork, collective research and presentations. Students are assessed by a combination of written examinations and coursework.

The Diploma of Accountancy is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).