The Culinary Arts program is designed to expose students to the relevant skills and basic knowledge in food preparation. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to obtain a minimum academic qualification, which will enable them to enter the culinary industry workforce.

The rapidly growing demand for professional culinary expertise has directly spawned increasing interest in the intricate techniques of the pastry arts. It has always been seen as an artistry of the sweet section from the culinary segment.

Bakers and patisseries execute their skills with excellent precision and talent to enhance the dining experience with creative pieces that are both pleasurable to the palates and stunning to the eyes.

Our programme is specially designed for students to acquire skills and knowledge of a variety of baking styles and pastry making techniques. These skills will enable students to further develop and expand their creativity through the adaptation of various with techniques and methods.

In addition, the programme also incorporates business management aspects that offer students the opportunity in running the operation of a pastry shop, cafe of pursuing the profession of a pastry chef both at local or international hospitality establishments.

The School of Culinary is the most popular school in ATI College offering various academic and skill programmes for Students aspiring to become Chefs. The school aims to expose and train students with the relevant skills and knowledge in food preparation.

School of Culinary offers:

  1. Diploma in Culinary Arts

  2. Diploma in Pastry Arts

  3. Certificate in Culinary Arts