KPT/JPS(R/345/4/0050)(MQA/FA0358) 05/21

From the roar of the Formula One cars to the laughter of kids during a birthday party, the Diploma in Event Management enable students to have the basic management skills, techniques and hands-on application to expertly handle real-life situations of an event.

Our curriculum provides a plethora of broad-based event organization knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of event management, event marketing, public relation, communication, reporting, accounting, implementing financial budgets and business law. Therefore, our aim is to equip the students to be hands-on, innovative, versatile and confident when working with people in the local or global environment.

Our lecturers have a wide scope of experiences in the field of hospitality, tourism and event organization. Students will be taught through a variety of methods, including lecturers, tutorials, teamwork, collective research and presentations. Students are assessed by a combination of written examinations and coursework.

The Diploma in Event Management is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).